Maxine Waters, Civility, and Listening to Black Women

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Listen to Black women.

It’s good advice in the workplace. It’s good advice professionally …. It’s good advice in politics and activism. It’s good advice for protecting democracy. It’s good advice in general.

— me, in Listen to Black Women

Shireen Mitchell: It’s called racism on both sides of the aisle. With targets on BW from all angles.
IjeomaOluo: Are y’all ready to stop fucking talking about civility yet? Do we have to wait until all our rights are gone? Fuck all y’all.
Imana Gandy, about Chuck Schumer: “useless.white.moderate dot com”
Shanita Hubbard: Those who champion #Civility are really just saying shut up and take it. And they are saying this from a very privileged position.
Ebony Elizabeth: BTW, this civility conversation is extraordinary, and reveals the depths of White liberal and moderate complicity in the current social moment. Not even *children in actual cages* has moved some from understanding that tone policing is not the look right now.
Maggi Jay’s Twitter thread with Dr. King’s Letter and the Washington Post op-ed

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